The first couple of times I let people know that I was leaving (which were those people closest to me) it was comfortable. The conversation was heartfelt and emotions were shared. We would sit and I went through what I liked about my job and where my personal frustrations were. Then I talked excitedly about my new job and the opportunities I saw there. After the 5th or 6th time telling the story and having to let those people that were more acquiantences know it became a bit awkward. I would say “Hey, not sure if you heard yet but I gave my notice a few days ago.” They would say, “Really.” That’s where things would kinda stall. I had a couple of prepared responses, such as “Yeah” or “It was a tough decision but it’s for the best” or “It’s true. I’ll have the #4 combo meal please.” (the last one was to the order taker at the Wendy’s around the corner from my office.)

I think I’ll let the rumor mill do its job and cover the rest of the population. I’m sure there will still be a few stragglers who in about 2 months will be like “Hey, has anyone seen Gary? He owes me twenty bucks!” I’ll be long gone by then suckas!