For those of you who have switched jobs in the past you may have experienced a feeling of relief at the momemt right after you give your notice to your boss. As if a burden was lifted and a sense of lightness takes hold. All the little (and big) things that caused you so much stress at the job you are leaving no longer carry the same weight. I’m guessing this lasts for about a week or so before the anticipation and anxieties take hold of moving to a new company in a new job with new people. They are starting to slowly creep into my consciousness now (after only 3 days of giving notice and two and a half weeks until I start my new job.)

It’s hard to get motivated for my soon-to-be-past job each day and work on all the transitional tasks. But, I do feel a sense of obligation to make the transition smooth knowing that my leaving has placed additional burdens on some of my colleagues.