As stated, I was at my last job about 3.5 years. It was challenging and rewarding, but I got tired of repeatedly fighting the same internal battles. I had built a commerical IT consulting group inside a SMB shop. It seemed that my struggles were internal trying to get management and sales to fully understand and start selling commercial services and break out of the SMB mindset. My goal was to have everyone working on the same challenges which was how to grow the commercial consulting business. The clincher was during my last annual review (which I had to schedule and plan – speaking to the issues I had with my management.) Anyway, it took over 3 months for management to get back to me with a comp plan after repeated promises of “it will be done by the end of the week.” I wasn’t satisfied with the comp plan offered but was told in no uncertain terms I can take it or leave it. So, I took it for the time it took to find a new job. Considering the length of time it took to get a plan I had started the job search soon after the 2nd or 3rd promise of “it will be done by the end of the week.”

So, I did take my time looking and luckily found an opportunity as a dedicated IT PM with a Fortune 500 company – let’s call them ABC Corp. I had a phone interview with HR and then they asked me to come in to interview with the rest of the team. I’ll go through the interview process in my next blog entry.