Day of the interview…I was nervous. I hadn’t interviewed anywhere for over 3 years and hadn’t ever interviewed for a PM-specific gig. I’ve generally been technical for over 15 years but much of my work has been project management and I’m generally well versed in the field. I was scheduled to interview with 6 managers at the company. I did my research on the company (again-first time for the HR interview.) I also did searches on the individuals I was interviewing with (HR gave me the names.) Didn’t turn up much on the individuals. I also did some searches trying to determine whether ABC Corp was a good place to work. Not much available in that area on the web.

I’m not going to go into much detail for sake of space on the blog. The interview questions continued along the same vein as the initial phone interview. Many of the questions were around PM style as opposed to PM-ish technical type questions (how do you calculate earned value, etc.) What I was impressed about was that the interviewers were very honest about the challenges they were facing, but talked very positively about making things better. The company did form a PMO which showed me they were serious about PM and were going through the necessary cultural pains associated with introducing new processes into the company.

I received very positive feedback throughout the interview process and came out of it feeling confident. The interviews also got me excited about the position and looking forward to a potential offer. These would be the people I’d work closely with and I need to have a good gut feeling about them.

Well, considering the content of the first few blog entries, I did receive and offer and accepted it. From this point, the blog be focusing on PM resources and lessons learned associated with my new work position.