Well, I got through day one. Interestingly, when I first entered I didn’t get past the receptionist. I was told I needed to go get my drug test (which I did dutifully.)

Upon my return I found out that the day was pretty well planned out for me. That was a pleasant surprise. I expected to be sitting around a bit looking for things to read to pass the time. I spent about an hour with HR and then a couple of hours with my new boss. This was orientation time. I did get a somewhat different feel of the position than I had initially believed. I won’t jump to conclusions on the first day. That is one thing I have always needed to work on. I need to be more patient and let things develop at their own pace. I think this effort will be even greater moving from consulting to the corporate world. I am dedicated to making this position work and be professionally satisfying.

Need to get to dinner. My son is celebrating his 4th birthday. I’ll provide updates throughout the week next week.