Well, today was my last day at my previous job and the eve of the start of a new chapter in my professional life. The last 3 weeks since giving my notice were generally uneventful. My time was spent transitioning projects for which I was responsible to others. That can be a difficult task. Not emotionally difficult, but difficult from a execution perspective.

As much as PMs enjoy documentation and “capturing” information (that is a good deal of our job), we still keep a good deal of information in our heads. This is the stuff that sits in our 6th, 7th and 8th senses. The stuff that makes PMing more of an art than a science. It includes our developed understanding of the customer and team members. The feel of when to use humor to defuse a situation and when a more serious tude is needed (I’m still working on that sense myself.)

It includes the sense for when a face-to-face meeting is needed and an email won’t do. Something like that is different for different customers and team members and on different projects.

So, I tried to knowledge transfer these “understandings” of the projects to my successors, but was cautious not to bias them. It is necessary for them to develop there own “understandings” for the project consistent with their project management style – how they execute the art of PMing.

Anyway, aside from the transitions work was pretty low key. I took a few days off along the Memorial Day weekend to provide some additional separation and now I’m ready for this next chapter in my professional life. I’m trying to carry as little unnecessary baggage with me as possible. I believe by travelling light I can have a better experience on the journey.