All of us, no matter what profession, carry baggage with them from place to place. I’ve been known to describe this as “habitual behaviour.” Think about this for your own work for a moment. You have become comfortable doing what you do in a certain way. You believe it’s the right way (or the easiest way or the most appropriate way.) Your work habits have been developed over the years and pieced together from your various experiences. A true patchwork approach as opposed to a nicely pieced together jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces form a recognizable picture.

Your various employers more than likely had some sort of project approach. If you’ve worked for a more mature project-focused organization you may have worked with a defined project management methodology. Either way, you have developed your own approach to PM from these experiences and most likely they do not map one-to-one with any of the better known project management methodologies or frameworks.

My point is this – as I start my new job in my company’s PMO, I am tasked with understanding the incumbent project and engagement methodologies and correlating them with my habitual behaviour. My goal is not to force a square peg into a round hole but to help shape both approaches (along with the rest of the IT teams) to something that will fit together seamlessly. Consider it another row of patches on the patchwork.