I just read an interesting blog entry on time management (http://projectmagazine.com/content/view/246/59/). The author took a somewhat different approach to helpful hints. He listed the following four time management issues instead of the typical suspects (prioritization, to do list, meeting management, etc.):

  1. Ineffective relationships
  2. A poor attitude
  3. Being flat out tired
  4. The weather

Not something you would necessarily read from Covey..unless you were really reading Covey (and other time management gurus.) What the author – Dr. Donald E. Wetmore – references in his blog entry is very informative. These are contributing factors to our ability to be better time managers.

I am a student of Covey. I have my FranklinCovey planner. I do weekly and daily planning. I have a personal mission statement. Covey talks about Big Rocks and Sharpening the Saw. Why these exercises are important are that they not only address being organized, prioritizing tasks, and planning – they talk about taking care of the whole you. About spiritual, mental and physical health. Dr. Wetmore is dead on is identifying that no matter what planning system you use or what tips and tricks you play, if you are not mentally sharp, physically healthy and spiritually balanced (or at least working towards these) then your efforts in time management (and personal success and productivity) will fall short.