Click above for an interesting blog entry by Bob Sutton on the Harvard Business Online website. The article provides a summary of recent studies that looked at how individuals\teams\organizations learn better from their successes and failures, as opposed to either one alone.

How many of you take time to look back on what went wrong and what went right on a project? We know it as “Lessons Learned.” I recently facilitated a lessons learned session for a small project that completed at my new company. I received positive feedback on the exercise. One thing I observed was that it was difficult for those participating to provide concrete success factors. The project met its objectives, but it wasn’t perceived as successful. For those success factors identified, it appeared equally challenging for the participants to provide reasoning as to why a particular factor had a positive impact.

As for evaluation of “improvement areas” (as I called them) there was plenty of discussion, but little responsibility. We’ll be working on that one in the future.