Why blog? It’s a question some of my friends ask when they find out about my contribution to the blogosphere. It is a valid question and I think (at least for now) there are a couple of valid answers.

First, I enjoy it. I enjoy writing and forming my thoughts. It doesn’t necessarily always come easy, but finding a voice – the right voice for me – is an ongoing challenge.

Second, I’m a strong proponent of collaborative cultures. Ever since I was little I had a bit of a problem with authority. One of my earliest memories was from elementary school, probably the 3rd grade. I had wanted to sit at a certain table in the lunchroom, but it wasn’t my class table. When the lunch lady asked me to move I refused. I remember throwing one heck of a tantrum and also remember staying in the seat long after everyone else had left for recess and long into the afternoon. The idea of a hierarchical system of knowledge sharing based on authority to me is “old school” and unwelcome. Not to dismiss the knowledge of the old and wise…but, a more peer-to-peer form of discovery and learning is more my style. One based on trust, credibility and expertise.

Third, sometimes I need something to do. Right now my work load is not what can be considered “heavy.” Considering that I blog on the topic of Project Management and some of these posts take research or are based on my learning, I consider it job-related.

Fourth, it keeps me current. We learn better when asked to explain what we’ve learned. By blogging on Project Management topics (and related things) I have an opportunity to clarify my thoughts and articulate my opinion.

Fifth, it is cool to track readership. I like seeing how many hits my site gets and where my readers come from. I really get into receiving comments too. Not that this blog is a best seller, but it is nice to know I’m not the crazy guy talking to himself in the alley (at least not yet.)

Do you blog? Share your comments on why you do and thanks for reading!

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