One wonderful aspect of the Internet (or time wasting distraction, depending on your point of view) is that sometimes a wrong turn takes you down a very interesting road.

I googled “lean thinking family” seeking out information for an upcoming blog on applying Lean thinking to family and personal work. In addition to the usual suspects, I came across Leah Ingram’s The Lean Green Family blog. Not exactly what I was searching for at the time, but it proved a valuable detour – and Lean-related.

Specifically, the site is about living frugally and greener. In terms of Lean, Leah touches upon elimination of waste quite well. In one entry, she helps reduce the waste of inventory and overproduction by giving us a link to a site to opt out of catalog mailings. This reduces inventory in our homes of stacks of “we’ll need this later” reference as well as informing the company’s sending us catalogs that we will shop their stores or online catalogs.