• Positive work environments and management leadership are strongly correlated with each other and with the three measures of product success. That is:
    • Strong management leadership and positive work environments go hand-in-hand.
    • Companies with positive work environments (and, by implication, strong management leadership) have better commercial success with new products, enjoy better customer satisfaction and have greater technical success than those with less positive work environments (and, by implication, weak leadership).

The above quote is from a study published in the December 2007 issue of the Project Management Journal titled New Product Development Projects: The Effects of Organizational Culture. This article came to my attention through a post on the eight to late blog by Kailash Awati. This is a blog to which I just started subscribing. Thank you Kailash for a nice post. Honestly, I get PM Journal as part of my membership in PMI. For the most part, I glance at the academic titles of the studies and then recycle the publication. Summary posts like Kailash’s are a bit more digestable.

Anyway, the study supports my experiences over the years. Tools, tips and techniques alone do not create successful projects.

Projects need to be nurtured to success:

  • People are the seeds.
  • A healthy, smart culture is the soil.
  • Methodologies, templates, plans, and software are the gardening tools.
  • Leadership is the plant food.
  • The Project Manager is the gardener.