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The day – April 15th. The significance – last day to file taxes. The reason for a blog entry – a line of 20 cars backed up on the street in front of the post office outside my office.

At my new job we have a small coffee lounge.  The windows in the lounge peer out on a neighborhood post office. On this particularly sunny day my colleague and I were working in the lounge when we looked out the window only to discover a small backup in front of the post office.  Having completed my taxes a few months ago, the significance of the day did not hit me immediately. When it did, a small chuckle of recognition arose in my throat.  Americans are procrastinators.

I’m sure this scene was being replicated across all the post offices in this great nation – A nation the world sees as an economic powerhouse – yet, a great deal of our citizens wait until the literal last minute to file their taxes.  Maybe companies should send a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done with their W2s. A quick Google search on “filing taxes late” resulted in a gaggle of tips and tricks on how to file your taxes at the last minute.  The IRS reports that over 28 million of the over 141 million estimated filers file their taxes the last two weeks before the deadline.

Taxes aren’t pleasant, don’t get me wrong.  But, for most of us, they are not that complicated either. And they definitely do not justify waiting 20 minutes in your car, on a beautiful sunny day, during your lunch break to be sure that your filing is dated on time.

Do you struggle with communicating your points succinctly and clearly? Jessica Hagy has a clever solution on at the Indexed blog.

She reduces complex ideas into simple graphical representations on 3×5 index cards. The results are funny and insightful.

I saw it as a challenge for myself in the future to reduce a thought to a simple conceptual graphic or sentence. A sort of graphical Haiku.