Recently my employer has launched an internal blog (running on WordPress!)  This is exciting on a number of levels.  One is that I get to share my message with my peers in a more direct manner. Two, I get to blog on internal topics that might not make sense to my broader Internet audience. Three, there has been a very promising uptake of the technology allowing me (and others) to read about what’s going on around the company and uncovering a bunch of different characters.

Interestingly, I posted a feedback comment to the developers blog about support for RSS.  After I submitted the post I was informed that the post is moderated.  Why would feedback be moderated? What are they afraid of – bad press?  The fact that the post was moderated illustrated to me that we still have a bit of a cultural change hurdle about letting go of control.  I hope that over time that people feel a bit safer in this world of information sharing and collaboration.