“In a Results-Only Work Environment, people can do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done.”

Would this fly at your company? ROWE is the concept behind a new book titled Why Works Sucks and How to Fix It.  Would you be able to map all your activities to results? If not, why not? 

What brought my attention to this was reading a post that described ROWE and talked about how it brought to the surface all those employees who were “busy” without creating any results.  We all know someone like this.  Any time you ask them how they are doing they respond with an exasperated “I’m drowning in work! I can’t catch up!”  When you follow up with a “Really.  What are you working on?”  The answer is as evasive as a greased up pig in pool of canola oil!

The idea of ROWE is intriguing.  There are plenty of workplace experiments out there focused on flexibility, work-life balance, telecommuting, etc.  ROWE appears to take this all to the extreme – a true ParadigmHack – and based on the implementation at Best Buy, can be successful. Your thoughts?