Okay..gotta get kinda soft and mushy with you all here. I’m writing this on the eve of my fourth day of vacation (that’s “holiday” for my non-US friends.) My family and I are staying in my in-law’s house that sits about 200 yards from a lake in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. The house has been in their family for over 25 years and my wife and I have been coming here for over 20 of those years (we will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in 2 days.)

We just came up from a orange sunset on the lake. My two boys wanted to “do s’mores” (roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.) I like how “s’mores” has become a verb with our family.

After the s’mores were eaten the kids started tossing stones into the lake, attempting to skip them across the surface of the water. The 9 year old has the hang of it. The 5 year old makes lots of splashes.

I was sitting on a large rock by the dying fire, feeling its warmth on the cool summer night. I was watching my kids with the stones and watching my wife watch them. The paradigmhack came when I noticed I was not “thinking” about anything at that moment, just sort of feeling. It was short lived, that moment of non-thought. It came to an end with the awareness of its passing.

I could have left that moment among the stones on the water’s edge, but that didn’t seem adequate. By writing about it I get to capture it like a snapshot in time – solidifying it more completely in my memory.