How do you work? What tools do you use to collaborate with your global team members to effectively work together? Are they the best tools for the way you and your team works?

I recently read a field study article in Fortune magazine (would provide a link to the online article but it is not available.) It asks the following questions:

In the future, what will work look like? Will employees continue to convene daily in office buildings, or will we evolve into species of laptop-toting nomads, roaming desolate corporate campuses in search of the next big project – scrounging for an electric outlet to recharge our batteries?

The article discussed how a team of ethnographers (social scientists who study people in their natural habitats) from Xerox was studying workers as they go about their business in a virtual work environment. The goal was to understand how workers collaborate and communicate across virtual teams.

One thing I’ve noticed about my current employer is the hesitancy to take advantage of the wealth of collaboration tools available in the public domain. For example, it would be invaluable to me to have an externally accessible instant messaging tool or web-based email or document management. Please note I said “to me.” I have certain tool and collaboration preferences for my ways of working that might not match yours. I ask myself how has my company changed in the last 10 years in terms of global collaboration? What will will our ways of working look like in 2018?

I’d be interested to know about how you prefer to collaborate today?