I recently attended a service at my place of religious worship. This particular service occurs annually and recreates a New Orleans funeral. The idea behind this is that we are burying 2008 and welcoming 2009. It is a wonderful event with an authentic New Orleans Jazz Band, hundreds of congregants, and a great deal of energy.

While sitting their with my two boys, I was hit with a bit of time-space distortion. It felt to me as only a short time ago since I last sat through this service (which in reality took place a year ago.)

It got me thinking about time and moments. I pictured the two services as two distinct points drawn on a piece of paper. I then mentally drew a line connecting the points. Why in my mind did the two services appear so close together? What about all the other points along that year-long line?

The impact of this was a reminder to pay more attention. To live more in the moment. To stop waiting.

Coincendentally (I think) a blog I read posted this quote soon after: “Stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now!”

We are so often focused on the “end” that we miss the importance of the “means.” I for one will be working on creating points along my lifeline.

Moments, memories, and meaning. Happy New Year.