What is it for you? Lose weight? Work out more often? Start yoga? Be more present?

We’ve all made them – New Year’s Resolutions! I don’t know what it is about the flipping of a calendar page that incites us to declare these challenges to ourselves. Ultimately, many of us fail to achieve our resolutions leaving us disappointed. Well, let’s see if we can change that.

In this post I present 5 tips towards resolution success!

  1. Choose 1 and only 1 goal to focus on at a time. It is important to not overwhelm yourself with a bunch of unachievable goals. It is best to pick one goal, focus on it, make it a habit, and then move on to the next goal.
  2. Write your goal down. Write your goal down in a visible place. You could even create a daily reminder on your calendar that pops up with your goal every morning. By writing it down you’ve made more of a commitment as opposed to just thinking about the goal. Also, many of our resolutions are big and ambiguous – “Lose weight.” How much? When? How? When you write your goal down treat it as if it were a mini-project. Be specific and realistic (15lbs) and Timebound it (9 months).
  3. Chunk it up. Break your goal down. What steps will you take to achieve your goal? For example, for losing weight you could chunk the goal up as follows: 1) Change Shopping Habits (no more Double Layer Chocolate Oreo Cake); 2) Start Exercise Routine; 3) Create Meal Plans; 4) Join weight management program. You get the idea. By chunking it up you make more manageable and achievable mini-goals that will lead you to greater success.
  4. Get it done! Each of those chunks above can be treated separately under GTD with specific next actions for each. For example – “Start Exercise Routine”. Actions associated with that may be: 1) Get number for local gym, 2) Buy new gym clothes, 3) Schedule physical exam, and so on. These actions are put one-by-one onto your Next Actions list.
  5. Review it often. Last, but definitely not least, is to consistently review your goal, the actions, and your progress. This review phase is a critical component for Getting Things Done. If you just write it down and never look at it again it is meaningless. Write it down, action it and review it.

Good luck to everyone with their 2010 New Year’s Solutions!