I sat in my respective house of worship on Sunday and it struck me – every week is the same routine, different message: Welcome, chorus, reading, hymn, candle lighting, chorus, sermon, hymn, postlude. I thought to myself  “What if we did this differently? What if…for one Sunday we just changed “how” we deliver the important messages?”

I invite you to (Re)Think how you do things. I’m hypothesizing that doing some things differently will open life up to new perspectives, renewed energy, greater creativity, empathy and awareness! Think about doing these things differently:

  • Your morning routine
  • The route you take to\from work each morning
  • Your next team meeting
  • Where you have lunch (and who you have lunch with)
  • Where you sit at the table for meals at home
  • Which shoe you put on first
  • Your daily planner
  • The type of pen\pencil you use to write
  • Your email signature
  • The website you get your news from
  • Your mobile ringtone\ringback
  • Flavor coffee\tea you drink
  • The radio station you listen to

What else can you (Re)Think?