Many of us like to receive grades, scores, evaluations. It is an external validation of how others think we are doing. But, how often do we give ourselves a grade? When and how do we measure our own performance?

Think about this self-evaluation process:

  1. Determine what your values are. What do you find most important in life? What do you care about? What do you want in life? Break it down among work, family, spirituality, romance, and any other category.
  2. Now, think about where you are in living to these values? What are the gaps? Do you have everything you want in your career? In your love life? In your friendships? Give it a score – 1 (disaster) to 10 (perfect)
  3. Most of us have room to grow in these areas, things we still want to achieve, improvements to be made. What goals can you set for yourself? I call these MPGs – Most Purposeful Goals. This isn’t about reducing costs in production or hitting a sales goal. This is about you…what is it you value most and what do you need to do to live up to those values.
  4. Write down your goals. Write them in a place you’ll see them everyday. They will be a constant reminder for you. They act like the gas (petro) gauge, speedometer, and GPS for your life. Are you going too fast\too slow? Do you need to refuel? Are you on the right path?
  5. Take time every month to review, rewrite and reorient. Schedule time to reflect on how you are performing against your MPGs. Have your values shifted at all? If so, you may want to rewrite one or more of your goals.
  6. Take action. Last, put specific tasks on your to do list that move you towards your MPGs.