In the past we’ve covered the importance of consistent ‘review‘ as part of a healthy, productive lifestyle. For this post I want to focus on one aspect of review – reviewing future calendar entries.

Like all things GTD, we each have our personal tastes and style when it comes to applying these practices. For me, my weekly review includes looking at the entire next week’s calendar entries and determining:

  • What, if anything, do I need to add to my next actions list to prepare for meetings, events, etc. that are coming up?
  • Are the calendar entries I have still valid? Is there anything I can remove?
  • Did my week become too crowded? Can I reschedule anything to free up time for other work? Can anything be pushed back?
  • Is there anything that I need to add to the calendar that needs to get done on a certain date? For example, I just got notice that my credit card is due so I need to prepare my expense report so my credit card company gets paid.

By looking ahead I can move into the new week feeling prepared and confident in what needs to get done will get done.