Sunday. 4 hours@Houston International Airport. What to do? Lots of options. Read the latest Stieg Larsson book “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.” Listen to music. Read magazine. Walk aimlessly. Sleep. Browse aimlessly. Write blog post (not aimlessly, I think.)

We all have these blocks of time that appear in our lives like unscheduled layovers during our travels. They could be waiting for a doctor’s appointment, sitting in traffic, meetings that you shouldn’t be get the point. No matter where they occur, let’s call them “layovers.”

My challenge to you is figuring out the best way to spend your life layovers. I’m not suggesting you need to actively do anything. You could spend the time being mindful, meditating or sleeping. If we tie it back to GTD I can offer that if you have a good understanding of what there is to do (your trusted system) then it is much easier to make the choice that brings you the most value.

Side note: Quick observations watching those around me, here’s what I see:

  • Building blocks with baby
  • Reading book\magazine
  • Eating m&ms and people watching
  • Sleeping
  • Doing something on the mobile (didn’t want to be rude and ask)
  • iPod\iPad\iPhone – I can’t believe how many people have an iThing!
  • Applying makeup
  • Eating