I recently saw the following questioned posed:

If all information is available quickly and easily online, what should we be teaching in our schools?

Fair enough question, isn’t it? The question struck me because my 11-year old son recently came home to tell me how he learned about the industrial revolution and WWI in the same day. He proceeded to spew back a short list of facts when I asked what he learned from it. Well, in my opinion, that’s my tax dollars being wasted away.

In connection with the query above, I believe the necessity to “lecture” facts to our children and have them mindlessly regurgitate them in multiple choice testing is dated, wasteful, and harmful to our future. They can gather these facts as quickly as their adolescent minds conjure the questions.

What they need to learn is WHAT questions to ask, WHEN to ask them, and then HOW to process the information they receive. They need to learn to think!

To prove my point ask yourself, “What countries were part of the Allied forces and which part of the Central Powers?” I’m sure you knew it in 6th Grade…