So, once again I find myself facing a significant change in my life. I’ll be leaving a job I love due to a corporate reorg to start a new journey, in a new field, with a new culture.

Searching out on the web I found all sorts “unscientific polls” about how many times people change jobs in a lifetime. The stats show people change jobs\careers 7-12 times in a lifetime. No surprises there. The difference for me this time is that I’m not moving “from” a job as much as moving “to” a new job. Let me explain.

When I’ve changed jobs before I often was changing because of some sort of dissatisfaction with my current situation – boss, responsibilities, compensation, culture, etc. I’m happy with all of those factors this time around.

This time around the organization does not have a space for me after the reorg. This time around, the decision to change was not voluntary. That’s a different set of circumstances for me.

Luckily, I believe I’m still moving “to” a really good place. Good job, good company, good people, doing good things. I like having a sense of pride when I tell people who I work for and what I do. I have that now and will have that in my new role.

I’m sure this new role will bring a new set of thinking and challenges to the forefront. I look forward to sharing my learnings, questions, and insights with you all.