As someone who has maintained both a personal and a work blog, I’ve faced some interesting challenges. One company flat out didn’t think it was a good idea that I had a blog outside of work. After some discussion it was agreed that I would not post during working hours. Another challenge (at another company) was creating a separate voice for an internal blog appropriate for the company culture.

Andrew McAfee has created a interesting playbook of Do’s and Don’ts for those of you currently playing the social networking circuit at work or entertaining the possibility.   Here are some highlights with commentary based on my experience:

  • Do Comment and discuss. Post comments to others’ blogs, join the conversations taking place on forums, and keep the social media discussions lively.
    • I see this as the key to success for the corporate social network to thrive. The social community must be symbiotic. Blogging for many of us is like tossing rocks into a lake – we like to see the splash!
  • Don’t Be narcissistic. Don’t talk about what you had for lunch or how you’re peeved that one more of your flights got delayed.
    • It’s why so many people say “I don’t get it” when they look at Twitter feeds and Facebook updates – this type of “news” is meaningless.
  • Gray area: Humor: We all like a good laugh, but we also all have different and deeply-held notions about the boundaries among funny, unfunny, and offensive. Sharing humor with colleagues you don’t know well is a stroll through a minefield.
    • It’s a crapshoot. Keep it to a Dilbert cartoon repost.