I’m a consumer of new ideas. I read Fast Company, Fortune, Seth Godin’s Blog, Mashable, and listen to NPR among other sources. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about what’s new and exciting in the world of technology, web and business. Who’s innovating and what’s emerging.

Then, somewhat anti-climatically (dare I say disappointingly), I go to work each day and it seems like I enter the world of yesteryear.  My company isn’t being powered by green energy,  the teams I’m working aren’t collaborating on world changing innovative ideas, and nothing we launch is going viral anywhere. 

So how can I reconcile these two worlds?

For me, I’m thinking of taking a “virtual” trip to the ideas archives. Instead of only reading about current events and innovation, look back and try to line up where my company is on the innovation timeline.

For example, let’s consider social networking\collaboration. In the media we hear about Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Digg, Facebook, etc. Many organizations have tried to replicate  these platforms internally to various levels of success. If we step back and reality check my organization with this trend, we might start with something as simple as  instant messaging.  Anything more will violate the time-space continuum and have limited success.  From there, who knows? Maybe touch-tone phones.

The point is…the flood of media stories about progressive companies sometimes push our organizations to grow up faster than we are ready for.