I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

That quote above by the guy with the funny name is one that threads its way through all religions, philosophies, and grandmotherly advice.  I decided to choose Zig’s quote for a reason this week.

I, like many of you I’m guessing, want to live a good, healthy, successful life.  Living that life each day seems to involve a lot of “me” energy. What I mean by “me” energy is the energy we use thinking about ourselves, what others are thinking about us, worrying about how to become the person we think we should be, and so on.

We all need our “me” energy. I’m not going to be the one to say stop thinking about yourself.  There’s a large section of books at the Barnes & Noble that can do that for you.  I’m okay with a degree of selfishness. But, it needs to be tempered and normalized. You can’t make it alone. You need to refuel this energy to grow and sustain happiness.

Personally, I’ve found two ways to refuel that energy.

First, I need “my” time to re-energize. I refuel by sitting quietly with a book, reading blogs, or flipping through magazines. I’m sure you have your own personal way of refueling.

Second, I refuel by helping others. This was surprising to someone who has always considering himself an introvert.  I regain my energy by teaching religious ed at my unitarian church. I regain my energy by volunteering at Jewish Relief Agency once a month and connecting with families in need.  I get a jolt of energy when someone let’s me know that the advice I offered was helpful to them.

The relationships that are built in life act as a renewable energy source for our soul.  Without them we will struggle to reach our goals and to live the life we all deserve.

[Note: This is the 9th in a 12-week series of posts that will discuss “choices” from the book Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell.]