I’ve been struggling with content for Paradigmhack for a few weeks now.  Not sure if it is writer’s block or just summertime blues. I’ve gone through plenty of interesting articles about productivity, innovation, failure, collaboration and change.  All adequate fodder for a post. Unfortunately, nothing has moved from interesting to idea to entry.

So, in my Weekly Review last week, I was going through my Someday\Maybe list and came upon a fairly recent entry to start a podcast called Project FACILITATE. The concept was to provide podcasts on how to apply the broad spectrum of facilitation skills, tools and techniques to everyday project work. It was a combination of two of my work passions.  So I got to thinking…I’m not quite ready to put this idea to work as a podcast, but I think I’m ready to start blogging ideas.

The goal I’ve set is to shift my content at Paradigmhack for the foreseeable future to what I’m calling “Project FACILIATE.”  You will be reading about how to manage everyday (and maybe some not so everyday) project needs using facilitation skills. I’ll cover subjects such as stakeholder analysis, lessons learned, kickoff meetings, visioning, decision making, problem-solving, etc.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.  Stay tuned.