Yeah, I’m speaking to you.  The one with the spacey look and the fingers poised over the keyboard but not typing. Where are you? Ahh…daydreaming.  Thinking about some cool idea for your entertainment system or a exciting vacation adventure. Nice!  Well, come back to earth!

All of us have ideas we think are great.  They might come to you in the shower, on the commute to work, or just sitting at your desk spacing out.  The question is – What do you do with these ideas? Here are 4 easy steps to follow:

First thing is capture them.  You can decide what to do with them later. Write them in notebook, email them to yourself, leave yourself a phone message, yell to your wife from the shower “Hey, write this down – please!”  That’s the collect part.

Second, process it.  That’s when you decide what it is.  Is it so crazy and off the wall that you know you won’t ever do anything about it (i.e. the 72″ plasma screen for a Dr. Who marathon) or is it a someday/maybe project. You aren’t ready to do anything about it right now…but someday…maybe.

Third, if it is a someday/maybe then create a list called – you guessed it – “Someday/Maybe” and put your great idea on it.

Last, include the Someday/Maybe list in your weekly review.  You never know when the right time will be to add that daydream to your project list and creating the next action!  Don’t forget to invite me to your Dr. Who marathon.